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Updated: Aug 22, 2019


"I have known Kim for almost 6 yrs.. Long story short she's done all my family photos from my maternity to my wedding.. all in a matter of 6 yrs.. It was only natural I booked her for my wedding.. I've seen her website/Facebook and i just love how she pays attention to detail (which is KEY), we had spoken over the phone a week prior for about 3 hrs to go over details in regards to what to capture etc etc... so come wedding day i knew i had nothing to worry about.. I will say it was very unfortunate that there were some photos that weren't taken with certain family members BUT that was not her fault... (with so much chaos going on the day of, its very difficult to get EVERYTHING in order or run the way YOU want it too) but i got what i need... I have photos where i can relive one of the most important days for me and my husband along with EVERY other photos she has done for us.. I have always admired her work and I love the way she captures any moment behind her lens.!!! shes a photograph GENIUS... Prices are more than reasonable and her work is phenomenal!!! Only hope she is as proud of the work she did on our wedding day as i am of her! Thank you Kimmy for all that you did and thank you for making it a breeze for me and nothing worrying about anything that had to do with photography... Love always THE CESENA'S..."

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