• Kim Villa

Do or Don't: Getting Ready Photos

The moments leading up to the Ceremony can go fast! Some couples don't care for photos of Getting Ready process while others really treasure it. I'm here to help give some insight on what can be expected during this time of the day.

I particularly enjoy taking photos of this time. It's one of the moments when the emotions are truly sincere. Watching the build up to the I do's is truly wonderful to see.

The care, precision, and mindfulness that goes into looking great for this day is incredible.

You get a snapshot of the details that matter to you and make you unique.

You get to relive the quiet moments that may have gone unoticed.

You see the deep inhales and exhales as you put on the final touches.

But the best part is the witnessing the raw, unfiltered, emotion from those who love you the most. Being able to share and capture these moments is what weddings are all about. The love, joy and pride in the eyes of those who love you is unmatched.

Can you tell I'm all for Getting Ready photos? What do you think? Let's talk about it!

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