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San Diego WEEDings

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Inspired by the growing theme of Cannabis Weddings. Weed bars are popping up more and more in addition to traditional bars at Weddings. We wanted this shoot to be feminine, romantic, intimate and tasteful. It took place at a Private Residence in Southern California. The Shoot was styled by myself, Kim Villa and my business partner, Brianna Sandoval. Together we are the Owners of www.SanDiegoWeedings.com . Having both worked in the Wedding industry for several years, our goal was to tie in upcoming trends for 2019. Texture and Rich Pinks were important to us, we wanted our shoot to be feminine while still lux. Our Bride wore a fur coat, crystal crown and carried a luscious bouquet. Pink Smoke Bombs went off behind the couple as they lit up. We also wanted to show how simple it can be to include cannabis in your Wedding without being cheesy or obvious. We did this by included edibles and infused pastries. The Cake had simple White Buttercream with a Bud leaf and Nugs on top of it. The cupcakes also had White buttercream and adorned with Crystals. Each cake and was infused with controlled MG by pastry chef Cakes with Flair by Mychael. The Marshmallow Edibles were from Lucy Goosey Edibles and 10 mg each.

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Frequently Asked Questions


How much coverage do I need?

This can vary but I have found the following timeframes to be pretty consistent. Pre-Ceremony: 1 hour + 30 minutes (Prep + First Look)
Ceremony + Formal Photos: 2-3 hours (Varies with Traditions) Reception: 3 hours (Entrance, Special Dances, Cake, Tosses, Toasts + Partial Party Time) Buffer: 30 minutes A full day like this would be most comfortable around 8 hours of coverage. That way your not being rushed through things. PRO TIP: If you are working with a shorter timeline/ budget try ommiting a few things. Such as the grand exit, shorter reception coverage and having the reception events back to back.

Do you work with a 2nd Photographer?

I do! The minimum coverage time is 2 hours. Weddings beyond the 8 freeway have a 4 hour minimum. PRO TIP: Having a 2nd photographer is great! Still over 98% of my weddings are solo. Its nice but can be done without a 2nd Photographer.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, I do! PRO TIP: Ask your venue if they require Vendor Liability Insurance. Most do, so its good to know ahead of time when hiring your vendors.


What is your turnaround time?

For both Photo I deliver within 6 weeks. I also provide Sneak Peaks within 48-72 hours. PRO TIP: If you are going to send out thank you cards, let me know and I can prioritize the photos you want for those cards. That way you can have them printed and mailed in time.

Do you provide RAW images?

The short answer is no. A donut without the glaze isn't complete right? Same goes for photos. They take some finess in post processing to make them special. I edit every photo and personalize it to be as I envisioned when capturing it. PRO TIP: Don't go for the unglazed donut, it's not as good.

How do you deliver the images?

I will deliver the images through an online gallery. It is password protected, so no randoms can find it. You can download the images right from there! PRO TIP: It does expire after a month, so be sure to download them to your computer and back them up to a cloud/ hardrive. Back up, back up, back up. Seriously. DO IT.

Are the images print ready?

Yes, all aimges are in High Resolution and ready for print. PRO TIP: Send the gallery link to your family so they can order prints right from there, one less thing for you to worry about.


How long should I book the booth?

Most events range from 2-4 hours. PRO TIP: Plan for the booth either during cocktail hour or after dinner. The coverage time is consecutive. No one will be using it during dinner, don't spend money you don't have to.

Do I need to hire an attendant?

No, but we will have someone from our team there regardless. To help set up and keep the line moving.

How do I get my content?

If WIFI is available, instantly! Using Email, Text, Airdrop + Gallery. No wifi? No problem! I have a hotspot n my phone the booth can connect to. No service? No worries! All the content will queue and send once the photobooth is connected to the internet again. The full event gallery is usually ready within 24-48 hrs.

Do we get prints?

Sadly no, since the Digital Features are so popular we can send you a high res. file for you print if you'd like.