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"I came into the wedding space with a desire to do things better. To do things with love, enthusiasm and heart. I love weddings so much, that I will probably cry at yours. Try not to laugh at me when I play it off as allergies,

we know the truth."

You and your boo snack are getting married!!! You get to dress up, feel fancy AF, and party it up with your loved ones. Those moments deserve to be captured with effervescence + heart, because this day is about you two. I pride myself in open + honest communication. Which is why I want to know what's important to YOU? Want more photos of you and bae? You got it. Want to recreate the poster of Bridesmaids? Let's do this! Want some solo photos of Grandma? I'm here for you.


My super power is reading body language. I pay attention to the micro moments, the little expressions, the small gestures of love. The way your eyes sparkle as your partner holds you tight. The way your nose wrinkles from laughter. And the way you get down on the dance floor. I blend in like a ninja, to capture the joy, the happy tears and the loving glances. I want to capture your smile and your laugh; the one your partner adores. Have some camera jitters? That's okay, I got you boo. I'll use dad jokes and prompts to ensure, you look at ease and damn good! Fair warning, some of them are a little random. But trust me, they work! 


I know this day is about you two, but also those closest to you. I make it a point to take some traditionally posed photos among the lovey dovey romantics. Let's be honest, mom/dad might not want hang the photo of you two kissing. BUT they will want one of you smiling at the camera. It's all about balance! When it comes to formal photos, I have to say i'm a boss at it. Really. I'm going to toot my own horn and tell you, i've got this process DOWN. I ask for a list of family + friend photos ahead of time. Then organize it in a way that flows and makes it easy. Best part is, mom, auntie + cousin Susan are all included and feel special.






Kim, I like your style.

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"We absolutely LOVE Kim! We hired her for our wedding in October and she gave us a complimentary engagement shoot back in April and since then, we had our maternity shoot with her this month. She is the most laid back (but professional) person I have ever met. It feels like we’ve known her for years and we’re just good friends. We just clicked with her immediately and I think that’s very important when it comes to big life events like this.

She’s always been very prompt and punctual, whether it be emailing or the event/shoot itself. She knows how to make you feel comfortable to get those amazing shots. She’s really good at reading people and can tell if you’re uncomfortable and will quickly change it up. She also takes into consideration the shots that you want to get. She asked us before hand if there is anything specific that we wanted her to capture and I told her I want the real stuff, the tears (especially from my husband....and she got them!!), tantrums and funny moments. She got it all!

We unfortunately only had it in our budget to hire her for 3 hours so we had to figure out our timeline and stick to it. My wedding day went perfectly, she captured EVERYTHING I could have ever wanted and the pictures came out perfectly. WE LOVE KIM!!

You’d be doing yourself a huge favor if you hire her!!"

kim, i'm into you.


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